Teeth Whitening: Paste or Bleach?

Are you contemplating teeth whitening toothpastes? Many people are not aware of the negative affects they can cause. Whitening toothpastes use abrasives to get the job done. These pastes can cause gum line recession or cause grooves in the exposed roots, if your gums are already receeded. This can be concerning, especially if you are brushing incorrectly. Bleaching could be the answer! This is where the whitening process occurs chemically from hydrogen peroxide (or a combination of other chemicals). Abrasives are not an issue when it comes to bleaching. There are other factors to consider before deciding if bleaching is the right option for you. Consider potential teeth sensitivity and realistic expectations. Speak to us to see if bleaching is the best approach to enhancing your smile! 
– Dr. Xiufei Gao 

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