The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery Period

After your wisdom teeth extraction, one of the first questions typically asked is, “How long is the recovery period?” A wisdom teeth extraction is considered to be a major dental surgery. In this procedure, sedatives are used and specific instructions must be followed before, during and after the surgery. While the wisdom teeth extraction procedure ends […]

Gum Disease: Can It Cause Heart Problems?

Does having healthy teeth equal having a healthy heart? According to research, there is a correlation between gum disease and the heart. According to a study, gum disease may increase the risk of having cardiovascular problems by 20%. Other research has also pointed out that some patients who had periodontal treatment had lower cardiovascular medical costs. A recent study […]

The Use of Retainers after Braces

What happens after your braces are removed? After they are removed its important to continue to keep up with good oral care and regularly visit your dentist. You’ll want to keep your new smile looking it’s best. Another step required immediately after is to wear retainers. Retainers are tailor-made orthodontic devices that orthodontists usually recommend […]