Caring for Your Children’s Teeth This Valentine’s Day

Does it seem like as soon as your children eat their last candy cane, it’s already time for Valentine’s Day treats? As a parent, it can feel like there is no shortage of candy this time of year. Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without chocolate. It’s okay to indulge in sugary treats now […]

Preparing Your Child for Their Routine Dental Checkup

Helping your child establish good oral health habits early is an important step in keeping their smiles beautiful for a lifetime. While the thought of taking your little one to dental checkups every six months can be overwhelming, knowing what to expect and taking a few simple steps to make sure they are ready will […]

Look for Ways to Brighten Your Dental Outlook for 2020

When you look around Ontario, you’re truly living in a winter wonderland. While the air is cold, the month of December is a great time for enjoying family time and checking things off your to-do list. Dr. Gao knows that going to the dentist is not your favourite thing to do, but it’s the surest […]