Baby Teething Help!

Teething can be a painful process for both you and your baby! As a parent, we know that it can mean a lot of sleep deprivation! I had this experience personally with my son. It’s important to understand exactly what your child is going through. As a new parent, some things may alarm you at […]

Alleviating Your Child’s Dental Fears

Taking a nervous child for a dental visit can be challenging! So what can parents do to help ease their little ones? Here are a few tips to help comfort your child and make the visit easier. Talk to your child about the anxiety they are feeling. This will help you to understand the root […]

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Have you ever wondered why dentists remove wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are considered to be a third set of molars. Many people wonder why our bodies produce them if they we just end up extracting them. There is a theory that a long time ago, people would lose their teeth much faster due to poor […]

Gummy Smile?

Have you ever heard of gum reduction or gum reshaping? This is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps to uncover more of your teeth. The procedure is considered to be surgical, but is done safely in a dental office. It’s a painless and simple procedure! You can choose to have gum reduction through surgery but […]

A New First Impression

We all know how critical a first impression can be. Have you ever heard the saying “You never have the chance to make a first impression twice.” It’s the truth! You can’t meet someone for the first time, more than once. One of the most important parts of a first impression, is your smile. It’s […]

Thinking of Going Invisible?

Have you ever wondered about the option of invisible braces in Richmond Hill and if they are a better option for you? Over the last few years, technology has surpassed expectations and invisible braces have emerged as one of the most popular choices to straighten teeth.    The difference between invisible braces and traditional braces […]

Six Common Dental Procedures in Toronto

There are a wide variety of dental treatments available. Ranging from routine care to emergency procedures, the options can be overwhelming. As professionals, at ToothMatters we have been trained to handle different situations. The most frequent Toronto dental procedures we encounter are: Tooth Repair and Fillings From tooth decay or trauma, dentists can use restorative […]

Be Balanced!

Your oral hygiene regimen is an important part of maintaining good oral health. Without taking good care of it, you would be more exposed to having gum disease or tooth decay. We know it’s important for your body, but did you know maintaining a healthy diet is important to your oral health too. Calcium is […]

Baby Bottle Syndrome

Sometimes we see a young child, usually about 18 months to 2 years of age is brought in for a number of cavities. Many people don’t realize a young child can even get a cavity! The case for this is usually, ‘baby bottle syndrome’. Unfortunately new parents do not know enough information about baby dental care for when their […]