How to Reduce Swelling – Post Wisdom Teeth Removal!

Swelling is a normal reaction after having your wisdom teeth removed. If you have just had your wisdom teeth removed or are planning to have the procedure, here are a few tips to help: Apply Hot and Cold to your Teeth. Although we think cold is the best solution for swelling, applying heat at the […]

Fluoride, A Natural Superhero Against Cavities!

When it comes to our teeth, we have all worried about getting a cavity. Whether it be from eating too much candy or not taking good care of our teeth. However, over the past few decades, the worry has been reduced dramatically. What is the reason for this? Fluoride! Fluoride is found in water sources […]

Protecting Your Teeth During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the greatest miracles on earth. Although it creates the miracle of life, pregnancy affects a woman’s body in every capacity including hormones, weight gain, and dental health. Taking care of your mouth and teeth are important during pregnancy, as your body is at a higher risk of complications. Conditions to look […]

Your Child’s New Adult Teeth

It’s an exciting time when your child has their adult teeth starting to come in. It’s important to monitor them closely to make sure there aren’t any problems. However, you may have noticed little bumps or ridges along the edge of your child’s new adult teeth. Sometimes parents mistake this as a problem. Do not […]

No Flossing Tricks Here!

The truth is, many Canadians do not floss their teeth everyday. Some unfortunately only floss right before their dental appointment! They think they can trick their dentist by flossing right before their appointment. The truth is – your dentist can tell! How can your dentist tell you aren’t flossing? The first sign is if your […]