The Myths of Wisdom Teeth Removal

With many sites providing information on wisdom tooth extraction, it becomes too easy to believe everything you read online. Without proper research and understanding, wisdom teeth removal myths have become rampant all over the internet. Fortunately, we are here to let you know the truth behind the myths and to guide you in finding the […]

Treatment and Solutions for Teeth Discoloration

Does any spot on your tooth a darkness to tooth cavity? Probably not, Don’t Panic!The best solution requires an immediate trip to the dentist to check it out! Many adults struggle with tooth discoloration and find it embarrassing to show off their teeth in a smile. Causes of Tooth Discoloration The following are the most […]

Toothbrush Tips!

Brushing your teeth twice a day is vital to good oral health care! The question is are you using the best toothbrush for you? How do you evaluate a toothbrush and what should you be looking for? At ToothMatters, we agree that a soft-bristled toothbrush is the best solution for removing plaque and debris from […]